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welcome to my priv !

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bisexual, she/they, 19

make sure we're oomfs on any of my accs, i tweet a lot abt animangas, i love to shitpost, i don't put tw on everything so please tell me directly if you need me to tw certain topics
pls take note!
i'm a very anxious person so if you disagree wt any of my tweets pls talk to me directly abt it
jumpscares give me panic attacks so pls put tw if youre gonna tweet any
i don't subtweet priv oomfs :)

kpop faves
park jimin, park jihyo, seo soojin, min yoongi, park sooyoung, jeon jungkook

comfort characters
hinata shoyo, sohma kyo, yato, miya atsumu, dazai osamu, oikawa tooru, levi ackerman, tsukishima kei, kurapika, noelle silva, ray, ash lynx, hirotaka nifuji, hashibira inosuke, tomioka giyuu, tamaki suoh, sugawara koushi, suwa hiroto, kuroko tetsuya, aomine daiki, akabane karma, shiota nagisa

fave animes/mangas
hq, furuba, ohshc, wotakoi, kny, bsd, tpn, knb, black clover, aot, banana fish, given, noragami, erased, death note, l-dk, assassination classroom

fave manhwas
oh! holy, inso's law, cherry blossoms after winter, love is an illusion, on or off, etc.

to my oomfs
cee, aly, icy, dee, aira, marga, shir, shan, april, yna, jan,
ely, trisha, umi, llana, sof, kaye, tori, saffu, nic, huda, ella

i hope all of you are doing well, you can always dm me if you need anything hehe pls take care always <3 thank you for being some of the nicest ppl in this app :D

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